St Patrick’s Day Parades

St Patrick’s Day

‘Serving Our Community’ is what La Bucca is all about, not just in our restaurants, but by getting involved in as many local activities as possible in order to help keep our communities alive.

La Bucca are delighted to be involved with the St. Patrick’s Day Parades in our communities Ashbourne, and Ratoath.  We will be at the parades with our special friend Chef Lucca giving out 100’s of mini pizzas, or pizzatinis as we call them to all our customers, friends and locals.

Our “Pizza Fiesta” (Festival Pizza) fund has helped us contribute almost €2,000 to the three parades as well as contributing to many other events throughout the year.  Every time a Pizza Fiesta is purchased in one of our restaurants €2 is allocated to our festival fund from which a contribution is made towards a local festival or activity.  So the next time you’re in La Bucca, order a Pizza Fiesta & you will know that you are helping to keep your community alive.

We are proud to be the main sponsors of the Ratoath St Patrick’s Day Parade each year & we are heavily involved in getting the ‘show on the road’!

If any local businesses or clubs would like to get involved with sponsorship, donations or participate in the Ratoath parade please contact

Ratoath parade Tuesday 17th March 2020 @ 12.30pm &  
Ashbourne parade Tuesday 17th March 2020 @ 2.30pm